Freeplayer2 is a basic audio player that is designed to simulate radio broadcast
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Freeplayer2 is a basic audio player that is designed to assist in radio broadcasting using several built-in players. When used for this purpose the program can be quite good, however, Freeplayer2 can not be compared with the quality and functionality of many other freeware audio players (Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.) when used as a standard audio player.

By using the 'explorer' you can add files to a playlist which can then be slightly customized to 'mix' the tracks together using the Mix Editor. After setting all your mix points for your playlist, the whole playlist can be played through using the 'On-Air' player which utilizes two of the players to mix each track. The remaining players can be used to play samples or other audio files over the main playlist.

The process described above can be completed manually (on the fly) by using each individual player and clicking 'play' when it is required.

For a free program, Freeplayer2 can be good when used for its designated purpose, though it has very limited functionality to make it usable for professional purposes. i.e. it does not support microphone, has limited mixing ability, inability to change tempo of track, no internal database/library, and limited audio file compatibility.

When downloading from the website, you must first download the original 2.0 version. The 2.81 update can then be downloaded as a zip file and extracted into the original folder (not within a new sub folder). An English .pdf manual can be downloaded from the developers website - this is important for Windows Vista or 7 due to an additional configuration requirement.

Wayne Glendenning
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  • Multiple players to give ability to overlap tracks and play tracks simultaneously
  • Customizable workspace to give flexible layout


  • Lacks standard PC hot keys (Del, ctrl+c, ctrl+v)
  • Non-intuitive user interface with very limited user manual
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